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Join live mentor classes with Pathmakers

Learn together with others from Pathmakers in mentor classes. Think of them as your “future-you” who’s one step ahead and shares their first-hand experience to guide you in the right direction.

Connect with your focus circles in real-time

Count on your curated focus circle of people who are on the same career track. Share learnings, get feedback and help each other to level up your careers!

Meet inspiring peers in 1:1 sessions

Based on your current career stage and goals, we match you with inspiring peers for 1:1 sessions to spark meaningful conversations, grow your careers together and build long lasting relationships.

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Questions you might have

Actually quite a lot of things. In our opinion, existing career networks suck in many ways. There’s a lot going on, but what’s in for you at the end of the day? Did they really help you move forward in your career? For sure not the 10th achievement post this week.

For us, there were plenty of things we want to do differently. Purpose is all about meaningful connections, authentic conversations, and insightful content curated just for you to truly help you build a powerful professional network and accelerate your career.

Purpose is centered around getting you to where you want to be in your career.

For this, we are building algorithms that understand you and your career path to support you as you move along, the same way a mentor does. You can learn more about our growth flywheel here.

Among others, this takes the shape of custom content recommendations that enable you to evolve in your career and become an expert in your field. It also is expressed in our unique matching algorithm, which takes the difficulty away from networking and connects you with valuable people in our community.

Waitlist subscribers have the opportunity to get Purpose’s premium subscription for free for up to their lifetime and save thousands by referring to others. We thus highly recommend you to join the waitlist

To the public, we will offer a free subscription that gives access to the community, awesome features and tools, with the option to upgrade to our premium subscription that offers more advanced features and networking.

Purpose is a young company from Berlin that aims to empower everyone to pursue a fulfilling career. You can learn more about our mission and the team here.

We initially started working on this with an AI-approach to career matching that by now helped over 10,000 students and young professionals find a career that aligns their personality and interests.

With our app, we’re now supporting you to grow throughout your entire career.

We target to launch Purpose’ official beta exclusively to our waitlist subscribers by March 2022. We will give access in order of the waitlist. The public won’t get in before May. So make sure to sign up now to reserve your waitlist spot, stay up to date and receive exclusive access before others.

Prior to the beta, we will also give our subscribers the opportunity to use first test versions, as well as powerful tools like career roadmapping and goal setting practices.

Purpose solely uses your data to provide you with maximum support throughout your career.

We do this by constantly improving our algorithms and thus advancing the matching with inspiring people and content recommendations for you. You can learn about these on the “What’s Purpose’s secret sauce?” answer.

In addition, we use your data to provide a data-backed skills profile to get you exciting job opportunities.

This is a tough one and we would like to quote Douglas Adams on this: „42“

Okay, actually no one ever asked us yet. We just had to fill the space somehow. To answer the question anyway: Rikas! Fun fact: we actually thought about naming our company Rikas too.

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